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This section is for first time visitors (or anyone, really) to learn more about EFC Oroville and to fill out a Connection Card if they would like more information. You can find out more about our statement of faith, our ministry team, or find a link to our website and our Facebook page.


Make a one-time or recurring donation to the ministry at EFC Oroville. This link will redirect to an external browser where you can sign up or log in for recurring donations, or you can continue as a guest. Once inside, you can select which fund you would like your donation to go to, such as a general tithe or to a specific ministry.


By clicking this tab, you can view our livestream of our Sunday service (or see when the next service will be streamed).


With the E-Bulletin you can take notes during the Sunday sermon (which can be saved and emailed), check out the upcoming events, as well as find another link to our giving page. 


The Calendar page features a list of upcoming events ordered by most recent date. By clicking on an event, you can find out more information, add to your mobile calendar, and sign up if the event requires it.

Oroville Christian School

As one of our largest ministries, OCS provides a stellar education environment for our community. By clicking this tab, you can be directed to the OCS website, or request information about the school.


On our Ministries page, you will find links to various ministry groups where you can find events related to specific groups and sign up for events.


By clicking on the Bible tab, you can access the mobile Bible where you can search by book and chapter. You can also listen to the Bible by tapping the "play" icon. There is a reading plan you can use to help you read through the Bible in a year. The current plan is the Robert Murray M'Cheyne 1-Year Reading Plan, designed to take readers through the New Testament and Psalms twice a year and through the rest of the Old Testament once during the year. There are approximately 4 chapters per day in this plan.


Here you can find past sermons, both in audio and video format. You can select which series and sermon you'd like to listen to or watch, as well as download the message to the app and listen to at a later time. You can find your downloads by clicking on the Side Menu ≣ in the upper left corner and then clicking on the "Downloads"  category.


Click on the "messaging" icon (see above) in the upper right corner to access message groups. You will need to sign in with your profile (or create a profile if you haven't done so already). Here you will find the message groups you are a part of, as well as a list of public groups. Private groups will not show up here (unless you have been invited to join the group). Group managers can invite members to join by name, phone number or email. Depending on the setting of the group, either group managers or members can invite others to join a group.

Within each message group, you can share information about upcoming events, share prayer requests, and create thread topics for others to respond to.