Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

We desire to obey the Great Commission by proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples of all nations. In addition to participating in mission opportunities both within and outside of our community, we are excited to partner in ministry with those around the world. 

Missionary of the Month

Each month we highlight one of our missionaries to let you know how to pray for them and update you with what is going on in their ministry.
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Dan & Kristi Holman

The Holmans work with the ReachGlobal Crisis Response team and are now permanently based in Paradise, CA

Prayer Needs:

  • PRAISE: Kristi and the kids escaped injury when a tree recently fell on their RV where they live next to  Paradise EFC while they were inside!
  • Prayers for emotional and day-to-day recovery, peace and rest from the tree fall as it was quite a disruption and continuing storms can be unnerving
  • Praise and prayers as the family adjusts to permanent housing in the neighborhood where they've ministered for 2 years - many neighbors are close to accepting the Lord!
  • Prayers as Dan has started a Bible study with the men at Paradise EFC
  • Praise that Paradise EFC has grown back to its pre-Camp Fire size and that many ministries have restarted
  • Prayers as they work with ReachGlobal in developing the Crisis Response Team's west coast base

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